Why breakfast is important

06 May 2016


Breakfast gives children the energy they need to handle their busy days. Children who eat a healthy breakfast go longer without feeling hungry. This means they can concentrate on playing, learning, remembering and solving problems better.

Breakfast eaters also tend to:
       •  have better school attendance than those who regularly skip breakfast
       •  be more emotionally healthy than non-breakfast eaters
       •  be less likely to snack on sugary or fatty foods, which helps them stay at a healthy weight.

A healthy breakfast needs to have a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat to keep energy levels steady all morning.

For babies and toddlers, breakfast might be rice cereal, milk and fruit.

Choosing healthy foods and eating enough breakfast will help your child get through the morning. Highly processed, sugary cereals won’t give her as much energy and will make her feel hungry sooner.


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