Toddler teeth issues

30 Mar 2016


Common toddler teeth issues include teething, sucking thumbs and grinding teeth. These are a normal part of your child’s development and are usually nothing to worry about.

Many people think that ‘teething’ children:

       •  cry a lot or seem extra cranky
       •  don’t feed as well as usual
       •  suck on objects like toys, dummies and bibs
       •  have more dirty nappies
       •  pull the ear on the same side as the tooth coming through.

These signs might be caused by teething – or they might just be a normal part of development or a result of minor infections and illnesses.

If you’re concerned about your child’s teething, you can try:

       •  giving your child something to bite on, such as a cold (but not frozen) teething ring, toothbrush or dummy
       •  cooking mushier foods, which need less chewing
       •  giving your child something firm, like a sugar-free rusk, to suck on.

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