Afraid of the bath

30 Mar 2016


Some toddlers might be afraid of the bath. If this happens, take your toddler’s fears seriously, because they are very real to him.

To help your child overcome a fear of the bath, you can try:

      •  taking a bath with your toddler
      •  letting her sit or play in the bath without water in it
      •  getting her to leave the bathroom before you take the plug out – some toddlers are afraid of getting sucked down the plug hole
      •  having a shower with her
      •  letting her sit in the baby bath in the big tub (if she still fits).

Make sure you’re within arm’s reach at all times, and never leave the bathroom. Your child could slip under the water. Drowning can happen in a matter of seconds in very little water. Or your child might turn on the hot water and burn herself.

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