7 Great Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Vocabulary

31 Aug 2016


As you sit down with your children, talk to them about the story you’re about to read together. As they look at the pictures, try to engage them in what they think is happening in the pictures before you read the actual words. This develops the connections between what the see and what they hear. With repetition they are able to memorize certain words in reference to specific images.

Whatever he learned at daycare, games for example, make sure to ask question so that he has to use his words to explain. Give them the time they need to get their words out and if they made mistakes, make sure to wait until after they’ve answered before repeating the answer back to them, like you’re trying to make sure you understood. Jumping in to correct them as they are talking might chip away at their self esteem and make them less likely to want try again.

No Baby Talk Allowed
Children will often revert back to ‘baby talk’ because it’s comfortable and familiar. They may feel that learning all these foreign new words simply takes too long when they have their own language that you’ve learned over time that will get their point across just as well. Sometimes, using this baby talk back to them will show them how silly it sounds. Tell them you don’t understand what they are saying. Please use grown up word.

Maybe it’s the repetitions and rhyming, but songs are useful tools to helping a child expand their vocabulary. They seem to remember more by using the word in a song.” Have fun with it by making up your own words to familiar melodies. If you have a recorder, you can tape your child singing along with you and give him a chance to make up his own verses.

The ‘What’s This?’ Game
When you look at books with you child, either you name something and ask him to point to it or you point and ask him to name. You can do the same thing out at the store or other places you go.

Word Of The Day
Pick a word of the day and explain what it means. Encourage your child to use that word as many as possible correctly. You could make a game of it and set a limit like through out the day he must use the word five times the right way and he’ll get a treat like a sticker. Pick a new word every day and at the end of the week, if he’s used his words correctly, take him out for ice cream or another special treat.

Show And Tell
Take your child out on a walk or out to the park and have them pick up interesting looking things like a pretty flower or rock or maybe if you’re at the beach they can pick up a seashell or marbles or coins. When you get home, ask your child to spread them out and tell you about his findings.
It doesn’t matter which specific method you use, you may find that one that worked today won’t work tomorrow but might work the day after. The point is to keep trying.

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