6 Creative Ways to Keep Kids in Their Beds

05 Aug 2016


Ditch the locks and gates and try these kinder sleep solutions

You might as well say, “See you in four minutes” instead of “Good night” to your preschooler. Once your child gets into the big-kid bed, you’ve reached the point of no return. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for children and their sleep silliness, here’s a round-up of parents’ favorite and creative ways to keep kids in their beds.

Work It Out
Before lights out, do 10 jumps in bed, just to make sure all the wiggles are out. It’s also a good centering move too, and helps kids focus on what’s ahead: sleeping.

Makes “Scents”
Some parents believe peppermint oil is a good calming scent. A little dab of lavender oil behind the ears helps your child to relax. All of us could stand to use a few sensory cues to our brain to shut down now for bed.

Pay Attention
Sleep solutions are not one-child-fits-all. Know your kid, your child might like white noise, a little hypnotized by a star projector on the ceiling and also likes music.

Move the Bathroom
Potty training can certainly complicate bedtime routines. There’s always a good excuse to get out of bed and the leave the room when you “have” to pee. And it’s not like a parent can really complain about their child using the potty properly. You might not be able to keep your child in their bed, but you can at least attempt to keep her in her room by keeping a potty seat in there and curbing any nighttime wandering.

Lights Out
Is it too bright in your child’s room?. Your child stays in bed because she can’t see the toys and books and other sleep distractions around her.

Last-ditch Effort?
Of course, to be a parent you must have a sense of humor. Some of the most creative suggestions for keeping kids in their beds? Straps, handcuffs, sometimes chains, and, of course, duct tape. Just kidding!

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