5 things about raising boys I wish I had known

18 Aug 2016


Whether you have a girl or a boy, or both, you learn new things every day, and no 24-hour period is the same.

#1 There will be pee everywhere
With boys, comes pee. Not only in the toilet (and all over the toilet seat), but on the floor, in the balcony, on the carpet, on the wall, on the bed. The only thing that changes is that as they get bigger, their range increases. So mums, stock up on Dettol wet wipes and succumb to the reality of things. They rarely outgrow this habit.

#2 Dressing up does matter
Who says only daughters are picky about their dressing? Sons are equally invested in their wardrobe - jeans and t-shirts must match, sneakers have to be cool for school, shirts all trendy and crisp. They want to look cool yet be comfortable. So don’t just throw on a t-shirt and pair of trousers and call it a day - they take dressing up more seriously than we think!

#3 You may take a trip to the emergency room
We have boys, and we have tables… now these two things often add up to stitches. Don’t be quick to blame yourself. Even with all the kid-proofing, sons somehow found (and still find) a way to knock themselves down.

#4 His fascination with his penis starts sooner than you think
Is it the caveman instinct? Boys play with their penises… practically from birth. Don’t worry if he is touching it all the time- it’s supposedly normal. As long as he doesn’t whip it out in public, But ironically, the only time he doesn’t have his hand on his little one, is when he’s in the toilet - and that’s when he needs to hold it for an accurate aim.

#5 Batman lives forever!
Even at a young age, boys realise the importance of super powers. Boys sort out their identities in relation to the mythical characters they hear about. If your son is super-obsessed with Batman, at EVERY party, that’s the only costume you’d find him in.

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