10 Items You Must Always Have on You With a Toddler

01 Sep 2016


First Aid Kit
Try to find first aid kit to go that takes up very little room but is packed with items that are certain to come in handy — even if it’s for you.

Buy large boxes of your toddler’s favorite snacks, pre-packaged. Before you leave for an outing or errand, throw two in the bag — in case she’s extra hungry, or if Mommy needs refueling too — then replenish it when you return home. Drinks are equally important for both mom and child.

Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer
Again, have some for yourself and for your little one. Having relief at your fingertips when a toothache, headache, or fever sets in could keep you both from going over the edge while you’re out and about.

Antibacterial Hand Gel
When your toddlers are sneezing (or around others who are), playing with their food, and picking things up off public bathroom floors and other such dirty places, a little squirt or two gives some assurance. Also handy when you have to change a messy diaper on the go. Put the pocket-sized ones, and you’re set!

Diapers and Wipes
Speaking of diapers, keeping a few extras in the car (wipes too) can be a lifesaver. Keep the overflow in the car and try to bring only what you should need for the length of time you’ll be out.

A Change of Clothes
Leave a spare set in the car and grab it when you’re going to a place where your vehicle won’t be easily accessible should a blowout, spill, or other clothing catastrophe take place.

Dirty Diaper Disposal
After a few dirty diaper changes in the backseat of the car, you will realize it’s worth to buy scented diaper disposal bag and it doesn’t take up much bag space.

If you don’t have a cellphone that takes photos, pack your camera for those unpredictably silly, sweet, or milestone moments that may happen while you’re traveling.

Toys and Books
An iPhone or tablet isn’t the only thing that can keep them occupied in waiting rooms, restaurants, and other places where toddlers get the wiggles. Keep a few small, lightweight books and toys in your bag or in the car.

Runny noses are a given with toddlers. Always have tissues on hand.

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