Why You Need More Watermelon in Your Pregnancy Diet

28 Jul 2016


More than just a pretty pink fruit, juicy watermelon can soothe morning sickness, help you stay hydrated and build a healthy baby.

Once considered just a juicy treat with limited culinary range and nutritional value, watermelon actually is a versatile and very healthful fruit. On a salad plate, it's a succulent stand-in for tomatoes. It adds crunch and color to entrees. It makes a sweet background for smoothies and sorbets. And it freshens up a tangy barbecue sauce.

If you're pregnant, the benefits are even more delicious. Watermelon eases heartburn and reduces swelling; its high water content (92 percent) and fruit sugars can help alleviate morning sickness and dehydration; and the minerals it contains can help prevent third-trimester muscle cramps.

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