Would-be mums, these habits during pregnancy can make your baby smarter!

04 Sep 2016


Did you know that your lifestyle during pregnancy can also affect the baby's brain and can determine his levels of intelligence?

We all follow the do’s and don’t’s during the pregnancy because we know that whatever we do during pregnancy affects the baby directly. And, it not just affects the baby’s physical growth and development but also their emotional development. Your interaction with the unborn, emotions, diet, whatever you do has a connection with the child’s brain development process.

To let your kiddo get the best of IQ, here are 6 smart habits to be followed during pregnancy.

1. Constant touch: The first sense developed in your baby is the sense of touch. The only way you can physically interact with your foetus is through your belly. Your baby can feel your touch inside. This also soothes its nervous system and increases your bond. Make a habit to rub or massage your belly lightly from downward to upward direction.

2. Listen to good music: Babies can hear in womb. Listening to good music not only relaxes you, but also your baby. Listening to calm and soft music makes you stress-free. Music also builds a happy and relaxing environment around you and your baby.

3. Instil positivity around you: Whatever you hear or see affects your baby. So, make it a point that you don’t watch any violent shows or movies. It is good to watch spiritual shows during pregnancy. Meditation is the best way to build up a positive environment around you both.

4. Walk around in the sun: Vitamin D plays a vital role in development and growth of your baby’s bones and the natural source of vitamin D is the sun. Giving your baby this before birth will benefit him/her for a long term. Take at least a 20 minutes walk in the sun every day to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

5. Make reading as your daily habit: Reading is anytime a pretty good habit. Read books that give positive feelings and thoughts. It also said that apart from reading at day time, you must read before going to bed. Reading at night helps you with the bed time story telling techniques.

6. Stick to a nutritious diet: You know that the life growing inside you completely depends on you. Your food habits directly affect the life of baby inside. Keep a balanced diet. Avoid alcohol consumption and spicy foods. Eat healthy and fresh food.

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