Sex Rx: 4 Reasons to Keep Doing It

08 Jul 2016


Pregnant sex is safe and recommended. Here's why.

1. Sex bolsters your bond.
Many women become intensely focused on their pregnancies, which can make their partners feel left out. It's important to share physical affection as a way of sustaining what is, after all, the core building block of your new family.

2. You'll discover new positions.
The missionary position goes out the window pretty quickly (man-on-top puts too much pressure on your belly). Try sitting at the edge of your bed while your partner kneels or stands and enters you from the front, or the spoon position, with both of you lying on your sides as he enters you from behind.

3. Pregnancy sex feels different.
Pregnancy increases blood flow to your pubic area, which heightens sensitivity, so some women experience enhanced orgasms. Your vagina is also more lubricated because of your increased estrogen, and your breasts can be more sensitive.

4. Orgasms are calming.
Orgasms flood your body with oxytocin, a hormone that produces endorphins, which leave you feeling calm and happy. When you find yourself stressed out consider that sex releases endorphins that can make you feel more secure and even alleviate pain.

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