Practical tips for healthy relationships during pregnancy

08 May 2016


Pregnancy is a time for nurturing relationships, because of the emotional and physical changes that you’re both going through and the new roles that you’re thinking about.

Here are some practical tips to help you nurture healthy relationships in pregnancy:
        •  Talk to each other about how you both feel about being pregnant and what’s to come – both the positives and negatives. Try to talk in a way that explains your views rather than blames your partner.
        •  Listen to each other without judgment or defensiveness.
        •  Talk about practicalities such as how you’ll make time for yourself and time for your partner and how you’ll share household tasks now and after the baby is born.
        •  Talk about your hopes and dreams for your family and what rituals and traditions are important to you both.
        •  Talk about your individual parenting styles. If your styles turn out to be different, you might need to work on solving problems together with negotiation and compromise.
        •  Be open and honest about your sexual needs to avoid misunderstandings.
        •  Go to antenatal classes together. Some hospitals and birth centres also run birth classes for dads.
        •  Consider getting some help with managing your money if you’re worried about the cost of having a baby.

Communicating with your partner is a skill that takes time, patience and practice. If you’re experiencing a lot of difficulties or arguments during pregnancy, relationships counseling might help improve your communication.


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