Moods and morning sickness

31 Jul 2016


Most women have mood changes and morning sickness at some point during pregnancy. When you and your partner work together, it can make this time a little easier for both of you.
Mood swings

Pregnancy brings on hormone changes, which might cause mood changes in your partner. These can come with little or no warning to you or her. It can be very tricky to navigate situations when emotions run high and her moods change suddenly.

It’s easy to take your partner’s outbursts personally, but they could be more about hormonal changes than about you. You can also expect emotional ups and downs when you consider that your partner is adjusting to a major change in her life, and might be dealing with feeling unwell and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

If her mood changes are bothering you, try having a chat to your mates or an understanding family member.

It might help to know that her moods will probably pass pretty quickly.

Morning sickness
For some men with pregnant partners, the mornings have a whole new feel about them. The sound of your partner vomiting isn’t the ideal way to wake up.

Morning sickness is usually at its worst early in the day, but it can happen at any point during the day or night. If your partner has morning sickness, try to work as a team to find out what helps.

It could be as simple as being sensitive about her food likes and dislikes. If she’s told you she can’t stand the smell of something, don’t buy it or eat it near her. And if she’s vomiting a lot, you might need to get her to the GP.

This is a time when your partner will appreciate your support. It might help you to know that morning sickness, like many other aspects of pregnancy, can’t always be easily solved. Sometimes you just have to put up with it.

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