Excessive Thirst During Pregnancy

09 Jun 2016


Find out why you've been so thirsty lately. Make sure you've been getting plenty of fluids for you and baby!

What is excessive thirst during pregnancy?
It’s when you just can’t seem to get enough to drink! Your bod needs extra fluids during pregnancy, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a normal pregnancy symptom or a sign of a problem.

What could be causing my excessive thirst during pregnancy?
The easiest and most common explanation is probably that you’re not drinking enough water, since you need more during pregnancy, and you may be feeling hotter or sweating more.
In extremely rare cases, excessive thirst could be a sign of gestational diabetes, but in most cases, gestational diabetes doesn’t cause any symptoms at all — that's why every pregnant woman gets tested for it.

When should I go to the doctor about excessive thirst during pregnancy?
If you’re concerned, mention it at your next visit.

How should I treat my excessive thirst during pregnancy?
Drink up! Have at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (that’s two quarts) — more if it’s hot out or if you’ve been vomiting because of morning sickness.


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