6 Amazing Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

29 Mar 2016


Is it really necessary? No, but it definitely has too many benefits of walking during pregnancy that are hard to ignore and tones your muscles at the same time.

1. Physical Fitness:
Walking makes you physically fit. It is a wholesome complete body exercise routine, which increases your cardiovascular health and tones your muscles at the same time.

2. Healthy Baby:
Yes, walking keeps your weight in check, which also keeps the baby’s weight in check. It helps your baby to achieve a healthy birth weight and not weigh as heavy so as to become impossible to deliver naturally.

3. Lowered Risk of Gestational Diabetes:
Because your body weight is being maintained at a constant, there is a significantly reduced risk of developing gestational or pregnancy diabetes.

4. Lowered Risk of Pre-Eclampsia:
Pre-eclampsia is high blood pressure during pregnancy. Walking helps to maintain weight and reduce cholesterol leading to balance in the blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

5. Stress-Buster:
Stress is a big part of pregnancy. Blame it on hormones, but a pregnant woman is subjected to high mood swings, from happiness and elation to anxiety and downright depression. Walking, like any other exercise, releases endorphins, the feel-good chemical of the body. It is a great stress-buster and elevates your mood especially on days when you are feeling extremely low.

6. Increases the Chances of Normal Pregnancy:
Walking during pregnancy increases your flexibility and tones up your hip muscles, a great recipe for a pain free, faster and easier labor than a woman who does no walking at all.

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