How Long Will I Have Pain In My Abdomen Postdelivery?

01 Jun 2016


We feel your pain, new mama, but try to hang in there. If you had a vaginal delivery, your aches and pains should resolve themselves within two weeks of baby’s birth.

It’s normal to have intense cramps for those first couple weeks, especially while you’re breastfeeding. That’s because your uterus is shrinking down to its pre-pregnancy size (woo-hoo!). You might also experience so much pelvic pressure that it feels like your uterus is falling out! Don’t worry — it will stay safely inside you (thank goodness!). If you have any discomfort by the time you have your postpartum checkup (usually around six weeks after delivery), definitely let your doctor or midwife know so she can check you for issues.

If you had a c-section, the amount of time you’ll have abdominal pain is probably about the same — 10 days to two weeks — but some women experience a pulling sensation that lasts a bit longer. The amount of time it hurts can depend on a bunch of factors, including how many prior surgeries you’ve had, if you had a long labor and then a c-section (our sympathies!), and any delivery complications. Plus, everyone’s pain threshold is different, so what one mom calls pain just might be a little soreness to another. Bring any concerns you have to your practitioner. We hope you feel better soon!


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