How can I boost my milk supply?

01 Aug 2016


If you're not producing as much milk as you (and your baby) would like, try the following:

        •  Feed your baby often. Frequent nursing sessions stimulate your body to produce more milk. Be sure to offer both breasts at each feeding.
        •  Get the best latch-on possible. A lactation consultant can help you with proper positioning at the breast.
        •  When your baby's sucking and swallowing pattern slows down, use breast compression to increase milk flow to your baby and to completely drain the breast. When your milk flow with compression seems to be slowing, switch sides and repeat. Keep switching back and forth between breasts until your baby is satisfied or stops swallowing.
            o Stimulate your body to produce more milk by adding a pumping session between nursings. Store any milk you pump to give your baby at future nursings, if needed, until your milk supply increases.
            o Don't supplement your baby's feedings with any solid food or formula, unless you and your caregiver decide that your baby needs supplemental nourishment for medical reasons.
            o Avoid the use of a pacifier. Instead, encourage your baby to comfort himself at the breast – his sucking will stimulate your milk production.
        •  If you're not sure your baby is sucking well, or are still concerned about your milk supply, don't hesitate to call on a lactation consultant for help.

If you've tried remedies such as these to no avail, your doctor or lactation consultant may recommend medication to increase your milk production and closely follow your progress and condition while you're taking it.

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