Having Sex After Birth?

01 Jun 2016


Do you have to wait a certain amount of time to have sex after you've given birth?

We’d never stand in the way of love... but wait at least six weeks. It takes your uterus and cervix time to heal (this applies to both vaginal and cesarean deliveries) so getting it on any sooner puts you at risk of infection. (Not to mention pain!) Hold off on intercourse until you get the go-head from your doctor, most likely at your six-week checkup.

Even though penetration is off limits, you can certainly engage in other forms of sexual intimacy before the six week mark. Frankly, though, we doubt you’ll be up for much more than a foot rub and a cuddle. In fact, new moms have been known to tell their mate that sex is forbidden for eight, ten or even twelve weeks postpartum.


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