Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk – 7 Secrets to Success

26 Aug 2016


Exclusively Pumping Secret #1: Sort Out Your Goals
Some women need to pump because their babies are born too early, and some mothers and babies are separated after birth for medical reasons. These mothers may really want to breastfeed, may not be able to at first but still want to provide breastmilk. In all of these cases, pumping can be an answer.

But knowing why you’re pumping and how long you plan to continue pumping can help. These answers will prepare you mentally for the job you’re doing.

Exclusively Pumping Secret #2:
Start As Soon As You Can If you’re pumping from birth, the sooner you start the better. The more milk that’s removed in the first three weeks after birth, the better a mother’s milk supply will be in the long run. In any case, you should pump as often as your baby would be feeding at the breast – for a newborn this may mean pumping every two hours around the clock!

Exclusively Pumping Secret #3: Get To Know Your Breast Pump
Use the highest quality pump you can afford. If money is tight, consider hiring the better quality breastpumps.

Exclusively Pumping Secret #4: How Often, How Much, How Long
Ideally, you would pump as often as your baby is feeding – but this isn’t always practical. You will need to find a pumping schedule that works for you. If you aren’t getting as much milk as you need, add more pumping sessions and make sure you’re getting up a couple of times to pump at night.

Exclusively Pumping Secret #5: Don’t Give Up!
You will meet those who will tell you there’s no way you can keep up a good milk supply with pumping alone. Others will ask you why in the world you would want to keep pumping. Your own partner may wonder aloud why you’re going through all the trouble to pump. Let your haters be your motivators. Keep doing what you feel is best for your baby, and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

Exclusively Pumping Secret #6: Know How To Overcome Common Difficulties
Remember that there’s no quick fix to any breastfeeding difficulty, including pumping. Milk supply concerns are probably the most common issue experienced by exclusive pumping mothers. But other problems like blocked or plugged ducts, mastitis, sore nipples, etc. can crop up, too. The urge to quit happens to many exclusively pumping mothers at some point. Overcoming these types of mental hurdles can be just as difficult as a physical problem like decreasing supply.

Exclusively Pumping Secret #7: Get Help And Support
A supportive lactation consultant can help you with technical problems, but finding other exclusively pumping mothers may be your best source of encouragement, support and ideas.

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