Does my breastfed baby have an allergy?

10 Aug 2016


A breastfed baby may have an allergy or sensitivity reaction after the mother consumes certain foods or drinks

Signs of a baby having such a reaction to food can include:
        •  frequent spitting up or vomiting
        •  apparent belly pain (lots of gas and/or pulling up the knees in pain)
        •  bloody, mucousy stools (poop)
        •  hard stools
        •  rash and swelling

If you think your baby has had a reaction to food, call your doctor and avoid eating or drinking anything your little one can't seem to tolerate. If your baby has difficulty with feeding, try to keep a journal of exactly what you eat and drink, along with any reactions your baby had, which could help both you and your doctor pinpoint what the problem food, or foods, might be.

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