5 Ways to Battle New Mom Loneliness

23 Aug 2016


One of the things that’s not really discussed a lot is the fact that being a new mom can sometimes be lonely. If you’re a new stay-at-home parent or just taking time off for a while to be at home with your baby, you might find yourself craving adult contact, but not really knowing where best to look for it. Here are some suggestions for making contact with other moms so you don’t feel the sting of new mom loneliness quite so much. The good news is that the more you get out there, the greater your chances of finding someone you connect with.

1. Mom and baby fitness classes.
Most communities have different kinds of mom and baby classes. Think mom and baby yoga classes, mom or baby swim lessons. This is a great way to meet other moms in your area who share your interest in getting into shape and enjoying some time with your little ones while you’re doing it.

2. Library programs
The public library is a great place to connect with other parents who share your love of books and literacy. Most libraries have programs for young children like puppet shows and sing-alongs. And even if they don’t, just spending a little bit of time in the young children’s section will put you in contact with other moms with babies.

3. Social media
Sure, you might argue that being online isn’t exactly being social, but it does allow you to have an adult conversation while still in your pjs. Twitter and Facebook can also help you to connect with other moms in the area for face-to-face meetups with your babies in tow.

4. Community programs
Check out the programs that your local community has to offer. Things like support groups for breastfeeding moms or information sessions on baby wearing or infant massage can be a great way to meet like-minded moms with young babies. And as a bonus, you’ll likely pick up some useful information, too!

5. Make a standing date with a child free friend.
As much as you love your baby, let’s face it, you’re going to want a little time away so you can stay in touch with those parts of yourself that aren’t all about diapers and late night feedings. Make a regular standing date with a child free friend and make a point of keeping it. Keep the conversation focused on adult subjects as much as possible (though you’ll probably whip your phone out to show off a few pics now and then!).

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