10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Accessories

20 Aug 2016


Breastfeeding can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be really, really hard. Your commitment will be tested on a daily basis, and some days you will want to throw down the burp cloth and admit defeat.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stack the deck for success – like securing these 10 must-have breastfeeding accessories.

1 – Double-Electric Breast Pump
If you’re a working mom, a high-powered double-electric pump is a must, particularly if you work in an office. This way, you can do your baby business quickly and efficiently, and get back to your paying business in minutes.

2 – Manual Breast Pump
Why do you need a manual pump if you have an electric one? Believe me, it can come in handy when you least expect it. Use manual pump in the car, on the beach (under a towel), or times when you just need to pump some of excess milk but don’t feel like being strapped to a machine.

3 – Pictures of Your Baby
When you’re trying to pump and your mind is on a million other things, your body might not be inclined to produce milk as quickly as you’d like. Pictures of your baby help you relax and focus, stimulating those warm fuzzy feelings that lead to letdown.

4 – Nursing Bra
When you’ve only worn bras with underwire for most of your life, it’s hard to conceive of wearing a bra without it. But I learned pretty quickly that when you’re nursing, the underwire you’ve come to rely on can lead to plugged milk ducts. Save yourself the pain and buy a handful of comfy nursing bras that you can wear night and day.

5 – Nursing Pads
Since you never know when you’re going to leak or experience full letdown, always be prepared with a supply of pads.

6 – Breastmilk Storage Bags
If you want to be able to leave your baby while you’re at work or out and about, you’ll need a stockpile of breastmilk to ensure that your baby and caregiver are well supplied. After you pump, label a bag with the date and number of ounces, pour in the milk, seal it off, and freeze it for future use.

7 – Bottles with Slow-Flow Nipples
When your baby is drinking breastmilk from a bottle, it’s important that the nipple flow be similar to yours. If your baby gets used to milk flowing freely from the nipple of the bottle, she’ll lose patience for breastfeeding because human nipples just don’t work that way.

8 – Lanolin
People say that if you’re doing it right, breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt – but it definitely hurts at first. Your nipples need time to get used to the sensation of being suckled, and they need some extra care. Lanolin soothes sore nipples, enabling you to continue breastfeeding without howling in pain.

9 – Nursing Pillow
A nursing pillow is extremely helpful in the early days, because it can be challenging to get your baby in a good position for breastfeeding. Just fit the pillow under your breasts, lay your baby on the pillow, and voilà – easy positioning.

10 – Nursing Cover
Nursing cover helps you with public breastfeeding for the optimum privacy scenario.

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